• Giving away stock photos, is it difficult? Today the increased trend of demand for images for commercial use has brought forward many photography websites that are offering an easy opportunity to download and use the images whenever they want to. The photography websites templates are quite strict. Hence the photos that are submitted are all perfect and of fantastic quality.
  • I was a designer and a photographer. At first, I used to sell my photographs for money, but when I came across websites that offered stock photos for free, I appreciated their idea and decided to become a contributor. People do demand photos and pictures for their blogs and marketing campaigns, but with the passage of time, the budget that they have allocated for these photographs is diminishing drastically, and thus the value of these photos is reducing. I thought why not I also start contributing these images for free, if I insist in selling them at my price, there is a high probability that this picture would remain on my computer for a very extended period. I also did not want to upload them on social media platforms, and garner likes alone.
  • These free stock photo websites have given me a new strategy that I can adopt to make money and at the same time offer free photographs to people who may need it. I upload my pictures on these websites and observe the number of likes and downloads that I get for each of my photos. This gives me an idea about the demand and the preference of photographs. Since I submit these photos with my name and credentials, people have a link to contact me. I have landed many projects and individual clients as they have seen the kind of work that I do.
  • People have asked me time and again that I could be making money from these photographs and therefore I should not be putting them up for free. I believe, when this act of free uploading has given me a lot more appreciation and work, I should continue doing it and enjoy the positive reception of my job. These images that I am uploading for free, give my potential clients an idea of capabilities and expertise and they are like a good will advertisement of my work, where I do not have to directly market myself. And most of all the thank you messages and gratitude filled notes that I receive give me immense satisfaction.